The nomadic pastoral communities in east Africa heavily depend on small water bodies and artificial lakes called waterholes for domestic and livestock uses.  The shortage of water in the region has made these resources of crucial importance for survival, often leading to conflicts amongst rival communities in the region.

This site provides near real-time analysis of the variations in depth and status of a number of watering holes at the borders of parts of Northeastern Kenya and Southwestern Ethiopia. NASA’s Satellite technology products are employed to develop this operational waterhole monitoring product: the TRMM data for precipitation, ASTER data for water hole identification and SRTM for watershed delineation. For the reference evapotranspiration, the global 1-degree resolution reference evapotranspiration (ETO) data provided by the United States Geological Survey Center for Earth Resources and Observation Satellites is used. The full technical details of this product can be read in the Technologies page of this site.

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